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In a project such as teamshufflr, there are usually less clearly defined roles than in a bigger corporation for example. That is, one person usually has several different roles to fill and thus needs to be acquainted with different sets of tools.

In the following, we have listed out some tools that we like to use in our day-to-day to make teamshufflr happen and that might be helpful for you as well: 


teamshufflr is free, so we don’t have sales per sé. However, we use emails to let people know about our tool. We use the tools and that provide us with fresh leads or allow us to search for contact information once we have found suitable leads. 


To make our tool more known, we use LinkedIn, and our contacts on Instagram, twitter and lately reddit. For our performance-marketing campaigns, we use the native tools from Google and Facebook respectively.

Also, we really like the free account at fellow Nuremberg company to help with our SEO. 

General Coordination: 

To coordinate within our team and between teams, we use and we’re working with the Google suite for all the corporate functions such as data sharing or video calls.

And for any party we’re having where there are new people meeting each other, we obviously use so everyone talks to each other. 

Software Development: 

To write our Angular and Flutter code, we use, to share it amongst our developers, we use and of course to solve any problems we encounter. 

We hope that this small overview helps you to work smarter. Did we forget any tools that definitely need to be on here? Let us know! 

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