The random group generator for you!

Our Random Group Generator works well in many different settings. You can use it for workshops, where you want to induce interaction between different team members. Or at events where you just want to make it easier for the host to get people to talk to new people. Or of course use teamshufflr in school, if you work in an educational setting where you want to mix up students for assignments.

Need a concrete example? Here you go: Your sorority holds their annual summer event, and you are in charge. There is a “formal” part, where you want to play different games, and afterwards there is the informal part – i.e. the party. 😁

Have more fun with teamshufflr - the random group generator.
Have more fun with teamshufflr – the random group generator

Less fun without our random group generator

For the games-part you’re planning five different games: Two Icebreaker Games, Flip Cup, Beerpong and a short round of Pub Quiz. And you want the different age groups within the participants to intermingle and get to know each other. Traditionally you’d open a spreadsheet and manually input all the participants and then pick out the respective groups. But who has time for that?

Easy generation of groups

Thankfully, with our free teamshufflr app, you now have a random group generator that does the heavy lifting for you! You can put in the names of each participant to generate personalized cards that allow for an easy mixing and mingling within the groups. Should you not know the names of the participants, you can also proceed without this input. Simply generate cards at random that you can then hand out at the event.

During the event, each participant holds on to their cards and you can just choose one feature (like a smiley, animal name, shape, etc.) to let the groups come together. Super easy and convenient. And: the participants have something to remember your event by. 🚀

If you want to see a video with another setting where teamshufflr can be useful, go to our main page

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