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Even though we originally started teamshufflr with the agile and professional workshop communities in mind – we were a team of startup founders/early employees after all – teamshufflrs best reception so far was within the teaching community. The most feedback we got was from teachers. The most real world use cases we found were from teachers. And at the end, most of our users and promoters are teachers. 

Now, we created teamshufflr because we wanted to build something that would help users. Simple as that. And we are very happy about the fact that we might have a little role in supporting those that educate the next generation, a task that is more important than ever. It hasn’t been an easy time for teachers: Schools have been locked down due to corona. Remote teaching options were limited or nonexistent. And the students no matter what age felt the anxiety of those around them, parents, teachers and older siblings alike. So we’re happy to have so many adamant supporters among the teaching community – especially in our home country of Germany. 

Just a few examples: 

With primary school teachers we were mentioned for example in this Instagram Story ( by an Instagram Influencer ( for teachers that provided a lot of feedback. And also very recently in this post about how our tool works( 

teamshufflr is used by teachers to divide classes into groups.

With high school teachers we were mentioned on this Tweet and used in an actual lesson concept about Greek Gods. How cool is that!? We were also invited to speak at the #mololdigital-Conference for teachers, a format that was developed due to the lack of actual in person conferences. And we were represented in tool lists as well as virtual advent calenders (a German tradition). Really cool stuff! 

Thank you to all the users and supporters that have accompanied us at teamshufflr on our journey so far! We’ll continue to improve the tool according to your feedback and have now launched the fully digital version you can use in a completely remote setting. 

And last but definitely not least: We have entered a collaboration with, a website that makes finding tools for teachers as easy as possible! We’re beyond excited to keep on helping the teaching community. So far the website is only available in German, but we’re working on making it international as well! 

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