Easily create and mix teams

Use our free and powerful random team generator for teambuilding or icebreaker games in workshops. Create teams and mix participants for a better interaction!

Save time on team creation:

  • Define team sizes in advance 
  • Use the different features (colors, names, icons) to easily switch up and mix your teams 

How to use teamshufflr cards:  

Each participant gets one card for the entire duration of the event. 

Pick and choose one name, icon or color to assign each participant to a team. 

Shuffle & repeat!  

You can use the shufflrsheet to keep track of the number of participants in each team; if you uploaded the names of all the participants, you can alternatively see who is in which team.

How to create your individualized teamshufflr cards:  

Your cards are automatically generated for you!

If you’re feeling especially creative, you can assign made-up team names to each of the teams! And if you know the names of your participants, you can upload them and always know who’s in which team!


Even more individualization & branding!

Do you want to further individualize your teamshufflr cards or get some cards with your own logo and branding? We can help you out, just contact us: partner@teamshufflr.com 


Help us make teamshufflr better!

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What the Experts Say:

Listen to the absolute experts in the field and see how teamshufflr helps you foster team engagement and interaction:

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

Whatever we do here at teamshufflr, we take the users as the most important driver of our design.

The easy and understandable setup of the teamshufflr web app helps you in preparing team events faster and smoother. This is what we’re striving for every day here at teamshufflr.

Design adds value faster than it adds costs.

Thanks to teamshufflr for providing this powerful random team generator for free in the basic version.

This way we can try out if we like the cards without incurring any costs. And having tried this super helpful tool, we will definitely come back here!

Make it simple, but significant.

teamshufflr helped me tremendously when I was organizing my company’s teambuilding event recently.

The simple task of shuffling through teams within the same event would have cost me hours of preparation: who will be in which team for which activity? In the end, the simple tool teamshufflr provides had a significant impact and saved me a lot of work – just get the cards, print them and hand them out to everyone.

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