Happy New Teamshufflr Version in the New Year 2022

Hey dear shufflr of all the teams, 

we here at teamshufflr spent the holidays with our friends and family to recharge some and get ready for the new year – 2022! A lot of twos… which is why we’ll introduce our second teamshufflr-module early this year: online-sessions.

Adept users of our teamshufflr app might have already noticed that the feature is coming, as you can already see the option on our app’s launch page. With online sessions, you can prepare an online workshop in advance, invite users into the sessions with the link or the QR-Code and then shuffle teams for the online-setting. There are many options for individualization of each session. And no one even has to sign up for that.

Once in the session, each user has the possibility to chat with everyone else in different settings, so that nobody feels too bored while waiting for the rest to show up. And once everyone is there, you can break out into the different teams that you shuffled, where all the participants can then work together, e.g by using the individual group-chats.

You can see a sneak preview of the upcoming online sessions here.

As we’re developing this free and sophisticated team generator for you, the users, we’d again like to encourage you to test and write us any feedback you can provide – constructive critiques are always welcome.

If anything bothers you, if you’d like to have a new feature or something doesn’t work the way you expected it to, please, just write us an email to support@teamshufflr.com or reach us on Twitter, and we’ll try to fix it and get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope you have some more calm days and an amazing start into the new year!

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