An amazing teambuilding exercise: The Teamshufflr Cookbook Creator

Create your own cookbook as a teambuilding activity!
Create your own cookbook as a teambuilding activity!

Here is an idea how you can use Teamshufflr for a fun activity for students or grown ups to spark interactions and facilitate teambuilding. Create teamshuffl cards with at least 3 features and divide the participants into groups (We’d suggest 3-5 people per group). Give each participant an empty notebook – you can check here for branded ones. In the first round, each participant shares within their group their favorite appetizer. They can describe why they like this dish so much and what memories come along when they think of this dish. Afterwards, each group writes down the recipes shared in their own notebook.

Teambuilding via food

After the first round, you shuffle the team and assemble them according to the second feature. This time, the subject is the favorite main dish of each individual, which is also written down. In the third round, people can talk about their dessert. Depending on the time you have for this event and the number of participants in total, you can add more rounds or different courses (favorite salad, soup, sweets, drinks,etc.). At the end of the event, each person has an individual keepsake book with the recipes of their acquaintances’ favorite food. 

Use it in school settings as well

But what if you use this in a school environment, where the children often don’t know the recipe of their favorite food? Perfect, then they can just write down or draw the food, and get the task to organize the recipe for the others later. 😉

Why do we at teamshufflr think this is a great exercise? Cooking and eating are essential parts of our own cultural identity and how we were raised. Sharing this personal experience with others lets us embrace the positive memories we link with our favorite foods. Also, it sparks the interest and open mindset in discovering new recipes we maybe didn’t know before and may want to try out for ourselves. 

Be sure to share your experience with us when you try this exercise at some point!

P.S. You can use the concept of food also for an icebreaker activity.

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