Your Random Group Generator ForAny Occasion

Use our free and powerful random group generator for team building or icebreaker games in workshops.

Create and mix teams for better interaction between all participants!

teamshufflr is as simple as that​

Enter participants​

Enter how many people are attending your event.

You can of course enter the names of all participants to make your teams more personal.

Configure your teams​

Tell us how many groups you want to create from all the participants.

Also, choose one of many fun gimmicks to easily characterize the different teams.

Your teams are ready​

teamshufflr randomly mixes all people into groups and also assigns one of the gimmicks to each team.

As a result you get an overview of all groups and who`s shuffled together.

teamshufflr is more​ than just a simple random group generator​

Perfect for any occasion​

Whether in class, in workshops or at parties:

The teamshufflr app helps you to separate participants into groups and create teams the way you need them – offline or online!

Ready to go – on all devices​

You don’t need to install our teamshufflr app. 

You can always start on your smartphone, tablet or PC right away, even without registration.

Easy, interactive & secure​

The teamshufflr app guides you step by step through the creation of your teams.

Highest security standards – normal with teamshufflr. All your data including chat messages are encrypted and stored in Germany.

Create personalized cards at no time​​

After you have created your teams, teamshufflr creates individual gimmick-cards for each person, which you can easily print out.

So each person gets their very own gimmick-card, which clearly depicts in which teams they have been mixed.

You also get a Shufflr Sheet that summarizes the results of the shuffling for you at a glance. 

Use our​ Online Sessions & create Teams worldwide

You can also easily create online sessions using teamshufflr. This way you can bring participants together and create teams all over the world.

With online sessions, you can configure teams in advance, invite people via a link or QR code, and shuffle all members into virtual teams & chat rooms.

Guides, News & More​
The teamshufflr Academy​

Not only do we show you how to use teamshufflr in all kinds of occasions, but we also show you how to improve your workshops with our teamshufflr app.

Check out our posts in the teamshufflr Academy.